My name is Chloe Bland, I am a 21 year old aspiring 3D Modeller and Environment artist, who loves to delve into the world of low poly and spend time making things look good. My aim is to produce unique pieces of work, something that stands out and is quirky, and something which hasn't been seen before.

I graduated with a First Class honours studying 3D Animation and Games design at Middlesex University. I now focus my attention on developing further as a creative artist, to pursue my passion for working in film and game industries. I am a part of an game development team called Heckin Games,  and we recently showcased our game GetMeSnacks at EGX REZZED 2019,Tobacco Dock, London and will be showcasing our game again in October at  EGX ExCeL Center. 


In my spare time I roller skate,  play DnD, watch a tone of films/documentaries and enjoy collaborating and developing.


CB-ART_Chloe Bland._ . 

CHLOE BLAND | 3D ARTIST                       CHLOE.M.BLAND@GMAIL.COM                                      07757499031